CHEWY 150 MG/G CBD | 70 MG/G THC-O | 20 MG/G CBN
Type:  Hybrid
Lineage:  Wookies x F1
Aroma:  Cinnamon, Chamomile, Sweet
Feeling:  Relief, Relax, Calm


If you're unfamiliar with THC-O-Acetate, it's one of the least known cannabinoids but could potentially be the most potent of them all (Including Delta-9 THC).  What makes THC-O so different is the tiny "Acetate" molecule that's sent to your CB1 receptors (Brain) once its been ingested or smoked.  While many describe THC-O as a very spiritual and introspective feeling, it may also be the ideal cannabinoid for treating ailments such as intense nausea or chronic pain.  Another reason to consider carrying THC-O Acetate products is that most states have yet to regulate/and or consider banning it.